Outdoor Gear Reviews

My experience in the outdoors runs deep.  Come check out some of the gear I have reviewed and see if it may aid you in your future adventures.

NANOspark by Exotac

There are a lot of “Emergency Firestarters” on the market. How many of them would actually do you good in an emergency situation is probably quite a small fraction of those. Most are frank…
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DMOS Stealth Shovel

If you take your vehicle off the pavement, 4wd or not, you will eventually get stuck. Going off road leads to this. So it is best to prepare for that eventuality. I carried a military issue E-Tool (en…
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SolarPuff Warm White

In the past I did a review on the SolarPuff by Solight Design.  Recently I had the chance to use their new SolarPuff Warm White.  It shares all the same features of the original SolarPuff, but with …
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MSR Hydromedary Kit

Staying hydrated is always important.  At times it can be difficult, such as when you are actively involved in a task or activity.  So having a easy way to stay hydrated is a solid win.  This Hydro…
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Lems Primal 2

While minimalist shoes are slowly gaining a foothold (oh look, a pun), there still aren’t that many out there.  I have found I really like the Primal 2 shoes by Lems.  They are incredibly ligh…
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Bobble Coffee Press

As you may have picked up, I am a huge fan of a good cup of coffee.  Whether I’m in transit in a hotel, some best forgotten place in Afghanistan, or backpacking through the mountains… Whi…
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