February 1, 2019

Tactical Distributors Down Range Hooded Jacket 2.1

All down jackets are not made equal. And like most pieces of gear, it comes down to intended use. The Down Range Hooded Jacket 2.1, by Tactical Distributors, is on the lighter side of down jackets.

This jacket isn’t very high loft, which plays out in a couple ways. While not being as warm as a larger and thicker jacket, it does offer the ability to layer. You can fairly easily pull a hard shell over this jacket should you need increased warmth or just to keep the elements off of you.

For the Down Range Hooded Jacket to work as an outer layer, you either need to have the temperature not drop too low or keep your activity level higher. Overall, depending on your needs, it is a pretty good offering from Tactical Distributors. It is right at home hiking, doing some training on the range or hanging out in a coffee shop.


Tactical Distributors Down Range Hooded Jacket 2.1

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