Outdoor Gear Reviews

Klarus XT32 Flashlight

Sometimes you need… …All the Lumens. I’ve been using the Klarus XT32 Flashlight for awhile now. Here’s what I can tell you. It is bright and it throws a beam.  It is pretty much a hand held spotlight. While the high output setting of 1200 lumens doesn’t seem that impressive […]

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NANOspark by Exotac

There are a lot of “Emergency Firestarters” on the market. How many of them would actually do you good in an emergency situation is probably quite a small fraction of those. Most are frankly not very well thought out, or they are difficult to use when you are cold and/or […]

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Prometheus Design Werx: A Look Inside

I’ve been a fan of Prometheus Design Werx for some time. They consistently come out with solid well thought out solutions for problems that can crop up on adventures. Great designs and materials, made to a high standard. But how does all of this happen? I was fortunate enough to […]

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polySTRIKER XL by Exotac

While there are a lot of ferro rods on the market, I think Exotac did a great job with their polySTRIKER XL. For starters, the ferrocerium is significantly thicker than a lot of ferro rods. Couple that with a large handle made of recycled ABS plastic and a self nesting […]

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BaoFeng F8HP Radio for the Backcountry

The BaoFeng BF-F8HP 2-Way Radio is one of the gateways for people into the HAM Radio (Amateur Radio) world.  I have no desire to get my HAM license, so how is this thing useful for me?  Ultimately, I think it is a pretty awesome emergency radio for backcountry adventures. While […]

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The Badger Den

*Go Here for Badger Den Access* What is The Badger Den?  It is ultimately my solution to take Kit Badger to the next level, by turning it into a sustainable, profitable and ethical business.  How you ask?  By creating a situation where all players win. Most content creators use affiliate […]

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