Tactical Gear Reviews

Bringing years of Military (and some Law Enforcement) experience to the table, I give you a honest look at some hard working gear.

Heckler & Koch P7M8

I’m going to go ahead and start with, I love this pistol.  I bought it from a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, back in 2002 when we returned from Afghanistan.  And while I have bought and sold …
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The Jack Knife by SOUTHORD is a inconspicuous lockpick set. It looks like your run of the mill pocket knife, but on closer inspection, you see you have the keys to the kingdom in your hand. I have the…
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Crye Precision JPC

The Crye Precision JPC (Jumpable Plate Carrier) is a great plate carrier.  It has been for me the best plate carrier for the money.  It is loaded with features and provides a turnkey solution withou…
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1939 Luger

Sometimes it is possible to hold history in your hands…  This 1939 German Luger, manufactured by Mauser, is one such pistol.  The level of craftsmanship and detail of this pistol is amazing. …
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X-FER Holster

The X-FER Holster by Armordillo Concealment takes a different approach to pistol holsters.  Rather than capturing the pistol itself, the holster is molded over the weapon mounted light.  In addition…
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AttackPAK Belt System

The Battle Belt System by AttackPAK is very modular.  It offers a number of configurations depending on the needs of the user.  Their Battle Belt System, which is the belt for their backpack systems…
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SF ProComp

There are a lot of muzzle brakes out there for the M-4 / AR-15 type rifles.  Most do a pretty decent job all said.  But I have recently been pleased with the performance of the ProComp by SureFire.…
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