April 20, 2018

KTAK Target System

To take training to the next level, beyond marksmanship and pushing into self defense, we need a reaction.  We need to reinforce that when we make good hits we will be rewarded with a visual stimulus beyond a hole in a piece of paper or the sound of hitting steel.

There are a few ways to accomplish this.  Awhile back I did a video on Making Reactive Targets.  While it works, especially in a shoot house, it can be time consuming to reset.  The KTAK Target comes at it from a different direction.  A steel target that will give the shooter an appropriate response based on where the target is shot.  There are 3 targeting areas, the Ocular Cavity in the head, Heart and Lungs in the thoracic cavity and the hips / pelvic girdle.

The KTAK Target is impressive to work with.  Admittedly it comes with a heft price tag of around $1400.  But keep in mind this isn’t for the recreational shooter to drag out to the range on the weekend.  More of something you should have your local range, department or unit pick up…

You can see and shoot the KTAK Target at Pacific Indoor Tactical.

Once you throw a cardboard silhouette up, those target areas can get hard to find…