Tactical Gear Reviews

Nightforce NX8 1-8 Rifle Scope

There are a lot of low power variable optics out on the market these days, but Nightforce has done something pretty awesome with the NX8 1-8 Rifle Scope. They have managed to create a really compact and light weight scope, but at the same time, something that spans 1x power […]

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The 2018 Iraq Veteran 8888 Range Day

October 2018 I had the good fortune to participate in the Iraq Veteran 8888 Range Day. It was an amazing 2 day event involving a bunch of amazing people and great vendors. Eric and Chad of IV8888 organize the event each year and invite YouTube content creators as well as […]

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The Magic of Tapers on Firearms

WTF is a Taper and how does it apply to firearms? Specifically barrels, muzzle devices and silencers / suppressors? Well, they are a marvel of physics and do some great things for us. Like how about creating alignment so that you don’t have baffle strikes? Or sealing off gasses so […]

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Sig P320 – M17 Review on TFB TV

While I’ve used Glock Pistols for a number of years, I had the opportunity to go out to the Sig Sauer Academy to put in some time with the New Sig P320 – M17 Pistol. Overall it was a great experience and ultimately my first experience with the P320 Platform. […]

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Klarus XT32 Flashlight

Sometimes you need… …All the Lumens. I’ve been using the Klarus XT32 Flashlight for awhile now. Here’s what I can tell you. It is bright and it throws a beam.  It is pretty much a hand held spotlight. While the high output setting of 1200 lumens doesn’t seem that impressive […]

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Henry Holsters AIWB Holster

Holsters! There are a ton on the market these days. So what makes the Henry Holsters AIWB (Appendix In the Waist Band) Holster special? Largely how they are made. Rather than starting with a pistol or blue gun, Henry Holsters actually machines out molds for their holster. By doing this […]

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