Tactical Gear Reviews

Savage Accufit Stock & Adjustment

There are a lot of great stocks and chassis out there that allow for the adjustment of length of pull as well as comb height. Frankly, most of them are really expensive. Enter the Savage Accustock with Accufit… Savage has raised the bar, increasing the value of their rifles by […]

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Kit Badger Ambush Targets V2.0

It is time for the release of my Ambush Targets 2.0! I released my initial Kit Badger Ambush Targets in May of 2017. They started as a line sketch after measuring out the dimensions of my face in the mirror. I eventually transferred them into Adobe Illustrator and did a […]

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K&M Comprehensive Precision Rifle Course

In November of 2018 I was fortunate enough to attend 4 Day Comprehensive Precision Rifle Course at the K&M Shooting Complex in Finger, Tennessee. The course covers pretty much all the bases with respect to precision shooting. Starting with fundamentals, working on getting a good zero, pushing out to ranges […]

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Hidden Hybrid Holsters 1 Clip AIWB

While there are a number of hybrid holsters on the market, the One Clip AIWB (Appendix In the Waist Band) Holster by Hidden Hybrid Holsters is the best one I’ve used. If you are unfamiliar with hybrid holsters, they are a mating of two materials. In this case a leather […]

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A Look Inside Gorilla & PCP Ammunition

While out in Florida I had the opportunity to check out Gorilla Ammunition and their sister company, PCP Ammunition. I always enjoy seeing how things are made and ammunition is no exception. While the process of making brass cased ammunition is pretty cool, the real magic was in their sister […]

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Range Day with Caleb

Sometimes I go out to train at the range.  Strict round counts, certain drills I want to run or a specific fundamental I want to work on.  Not this day though.  This day was about having fun on the range. Caleb (on Instagram as @pnw.outdoorsman) and I went out to […]

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