January 18, 2019

K-Tape Repair Tape: Part 1

Sometimes things break while you are out on adventures. Or more to the point, get cut or ripped. That is where the K Tape Repair Tape by Kenyon comes in.

K Tape is a adhesive backed repair tape that is made of a ripstop nylon. The tape comes in a 3″ x 18″ roll. It can be used to repair most anything. From rainwear, duffel bags, tents, backpacks, parkas or most anything else. I even used it to repair a fishing pole. Kind of outside its intended use, but it worked.

This being a 2 part series, I will revisit these items in a matter of months after I put in some more time with them and see how these patches wear.

You can find the Kenyon K Tape here.


Prometheus Design Werx DA Hoodie V2

PDW Raider Field Pant GCL

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