January 4, 2019

Ripstays – A Rapid Removal System

What are Ripstays? According to their site, they are the “fastest MOLLE system on earth.” In my experience they are, so long as we are just talking about removing pouches or placards. When it comes to weaving them into PALS webbing, bring your patience.

For reals though, they are fast. They allow you to attach any PALS / MOLLE compatible pouch/placard to a pack, belt or armor system. Then, should the need arise, you simply “rip” the Ripstay out and the pouch comes free.

I think these are a great way to retrofit pouches that are not easily removable. For example to attach any type of life saving equipment that you may need intimidate access to.

Pre-Order your set of Ripstays here. *You receive 3 Sets of Ripstays (each with 3 vertical connectors) per order*


BRCC Coffee Or Die T-Shirt

TD Carlos Ray 2.1 Pants

RATS Tourniquet


WTF General Purpose Pouch