February 9, 2019

The Cost of Free Gear

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I’ll admit I love getting packages in the mail. Whether it is warming layers, knives, pack-able solar panels or how about free firearms? Awesome right?!

Well, none of it is really free. Yes, there isn’t a exchange of “money”, but there is an exchange of value. The reason I bring this up is because some people get wrapped up on, if people have stated how they came about a product that they are reviewing.

I rarely mention if I paid for something, have it on loan, or was given something. Reason being, it doesn’t matter. Kit Badger is predicated on trust and honesty. Regardless of how I get something, you will have my honest take on it. How I’ve used something, how it has preformed for me in those circumstances, what I liked and dislike about it and why. So if I don’t mention how I came about something, don’t worry. You’re still getting a honest take.


Prometheus Design Werx Iliad Field Jacket

PDW A.G. Watch Cap

PDW Raider Field Pants

SKD Tactical Delta Utility Gloves

2 Comments on “The Cost of Free Gear

Richard Hannibal
February 9, 2019 at 7:56 pm

Ivan, these were words well said. Since I know you fairly well, I know you are honest and wouldn’t sell your soul for any reason. I also know how hard you have worked, and are working to instill trust and integrity in your product of video reviews of various items. Then, there are the hundreds of hours you have worked without any compensation just to hone your skills. Please keep these wonderful videos coming and at the same time informing us on the many products being sold to the public. I also enjoy your personal touch and humor on very thing from being a father to the occasional “oh sh*t” of wilderness exploration and hunting.

February 10, 2019 at 4:56 am

Thank you for those kind words buddy. It means a lot coming from you. 🙂


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