December 5, 2018

Kit Badger Ambush Targets V2.0

It is time for the release of my Ambush Targets 2.0! I released my initial Kit Badger Ambush Targets in May of 2017. They started as a line sketch after measuring out the dimensions of my face in the mirror. I eventually transferred them into Adobe Illustrator and did a kind of poor job colorizing them.

Fast forward and we have the new Profile Anatomy / Ambush Targets. They, just like my KBATs (Kit Badger Anatomy Target) provide all of your vital anatomy represented to scale on two 8.5″x11″ sheets of paper. Except, these show all of your anatomy at a 90 degree angle to the viewer. They’re easy to print out at home and take to the range.

I was originally inspired to make these after I was introduced to the Vital Anatomy Targets by Sage Dynamics. While I liked them, I found that when I pushed back in distance, I was presented with a box and circle rather than a true target indicator of a silhouette. This I have changed in my Kit Badger Targets. You are presented with a silhouette at distance and all of the vital anatomy disappears.

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