May 10, 2017

Profile Anatomy Targets

For a number of years I have been using the Sage Dynamics Vital Anatomy Targets.  They are great targets that you can download and print off for free.  Those targets inspired me to make my Profile Anatomy Targets.  Or better yet, Ambush Targets!

While I love the Sage Dynamics targets, I like how my Ambush Targets read at a distance.

I wanted to create a target that people could download and print off. (I hate buying targets, it gets expensive)  I also wanted to make targets that wouldn’t bleed your printer dry.  Hence the liberal use of blue and pink as well as light grey.  Additionally, I wanted something that would read well at a distance.  I accomplished this using a bold silhouette rather than highlighted target areas.  And lastly, a target that was of a profile, because flanking is generally better than going head on…

Shooting is expensive enough as is. Why not some free targets that you can print off at home?

It took some doing…  First I had to measure out the dimensions so that the targets would be pretty accurate.  Then I started sketching away.  Eventually inking it in.  Followed this up with tracing to a clean sheet of paper and inking it in again.  Scanning it.  Then messing around in Adobe Illustrator, which I have no experience with, until I got the colors how I wanted them.  It was an adventure, but here they are…

It took awhile to finally finish these targets, but it was worth it.

Click on the respective targets below to download them.  Then print a bunch off for your next trip to the range or just to keep in your range bag!

Head Profile Anatomy TargetSKULL   SKULLGrey

Chest Profile Anatomy Target : CHEST   CHESTGrey

Enjoy the random looks you’ll get at the range with these too!