May 22, 2018

KBATs – Kit Badger Anatomy Target(s)

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I’ve long been displeased with most commercially available targets.  Many of the targets out there are not anatomically correct.  This I feel is a disservice to people training to use their firearms in life or death situations.  Be they military, law enforcement or responsible citizens.  By not having properly proportioned targets, we fail to reinforce good shot placement and hold overs for our weapon systems.

Additionally, size matters…  Many targets are frankly too big and with that comes extra cost.  You either end up with a giant unwieldily piece of cardboard or a poster sized target that will invariably end up getting smashed and folded.  Not to mention they can be a pain in the ass trying to staple up onto your backer if the wind picks up.

For these reasons I created the KBAT (Kit Badger Anatomy Target).  It is a simple target with lots of flexibility.  The silhouette reads well at a distance up to about 50 yards.  Reinforcing the visualization of a threat, without giving away a “shoot here” box as a point of aim.  This allows and forces the shooter to create the proper sight picture to put rounds where they need to go, without giving them a artificial aiming point.

Great targets for long gun or pistol work.

Additionally, the KBATs has the appropriate anatomical dimensions.  Where this is incredibly important is working “Failure Drills.”  Ensuring you are transitioning the appropriate vertical distance between your shots to the head from the chest.

Reinforce good skills on your next trip to the range with the KBATs (Kit Badger Anatomy Target)s.

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As this KBAT demonstrates, the standard silhouette is quite lacking.

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