Tactical Gear Reviews

Bringing years of Military (and some Law Enforcement) experience to the table, I give you a honest look at some hard working gear.

Proctor 2 Point Sling

While there are a ton of weapon slings on the market, not to many of them offer the functionality of a good adjustable 2 point sling in a lightweight package. The Proctor Sling by Frank Proctor, from …
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Heckler & Koch P7M8

I’m going to go ahead and start with, I love this pistol.  I bought it from a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, back in 2002 when we returned from Afghanistan.  And while I have bought and sold …
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The Jack Knife by SOUTHORD is a inconspicuous lockpick set. It looks like your run of the mill pocket knife, but on closer inspection, you see you have the keys to the kingdom in your hand. I have the…
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