May 29, 2018

The Badger Den

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What is The Badger Den?  It is ultimately my solution to take Kit Badger to the next level, by turning it into a sustainable, profitable and ethical business.  How you ask?  By creating a situation where all players win.

Most content creators use affiliate links.  This is where they provide you a link, you click on it, make a purchase, and the company gives the person with the link a commission.  Only 2 parties win in this equation, but 3 are involved.  The 3rd one being you, the consumer.

So I went out and negotiated exclusive discounts with some great companies in the industry.  Companies making good products with awesome customer service.  Companies like Tactical Distributors, Tango Down, AttackPAK, Exotac, AR500 Target Solutions, DMOS Collective, SouthOrd, Readyman and RATS Tourniquets.  I had them create discount codes for you.  So rather than myself making a commission off of a sale, it will be returned to you in the form of savings.

Now all 3 players win.  You win by saving money on some great products, companies win with incremental sales, and I win by having a valuable product to offer you.  For $60 a year you can have access to exclusive discounts in The Badger Den.  I’ve set it up in such a way that if you use those discounts, it will more than pay for itself over the course of the year.  You can see the list of Companies and Discounts here.

This not only benefits you and the partner companies, but it also supports the work I do.  Letting me take Kit Badger to the next level.  Creating more and better content for you.

Lastly, in the interest of honesty, a quick note on affiliate links.  I have and occasionally do list Amazon affiliate links.  Because when I try and find you the best price on something, sometimes Amazon has it.  And you know what?  I’m not big enough to negotiate a discount with Amazon. 🙂  But where I can find you the best price, with our Industry Partners, you can save money with your access to The Badger Den.

*Go Here for Badger Den Access*

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