January 23, 2019

Strap Management Hack for 1″ Webbing

Webbing on backpacks and tactical gear can get out of hand fast. Pretty soon it just looks like a yard sale with webbing hanging off all over. While you can approach it different ways such as taping down or cutting off excess webbing, how about something that stacks functions?

By using a old bike tire, from a road bike, about 1 1/8″ wide, we can created basically rubber bands. These work perfectly to get loose 1″ webbing out of the way and at the same time still give us easy access to adjust and a added benefit.

If you ever saw my video on the Bike Tube Hack, you’ll know that inner tubes burn really well. They are great emergency fire starters. If you get in a bind out in the mountains or woods, you can pull a few off of the webbing and light them on fire to buy you time to get other tinder burning. Pretty handy if you’re in a tight spot.

Check your local bike shop for all the old tires you could ever use.


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