June 13, 2018

The Bike Tube Hack

Lighting a fire can be hard. And lighting a fire when you really need one lit can be even harder if you are cold, wet or maybe it is raining. This simple little hack can be a life saver. My buddy over at Jerking The Trigger mentioned it to me while I was suffering through my To Build A Fire Series.  By using a small section of the rubber inner tube of a bike, you can get a flame going that will stay lit for you and buy you some time.

One of my big takeaways from my To Build A Fire Series, was the importance of a fire starting method to buy you time. Time to think, move, add fuel and get that fire going.  A simple section of bicycle inner tube can do this.  Not to mention one tube will make a ton of bands and bike shops are more than happy to give you old tubes.

You would be surprised how many BTUs are in a little section of tube…