August 26, 2016

Stealth Pack by AttackPAK

AttackPAK is putting out some pretty innovative gear…  Most backpack companies have just been changing the cut and materials of their products.  I think AttackPAK has moved in a new direction with some outside of the box thinking.

Their Stealth Pack system offers some unique features in a pack.  Especially its ability to break down into different components depending on the intended use. (In another video I will explore the belt system more.)  Whether you need a pack for hiking in the backcountry, or for a more specialized use, such as competitive shooting, hunting or military operations, the Stealth Pack has a lot of tricks up it’s sleeve.

You can find their packs in Coyote Brown, MultiCam and Black at

You can go here to see my review of the Go Bag Lid  and the Belt System. And check out the Versatility of AttackPAKs here and the Quick Ditch feature.

*Note* My belt in the video is the “Low Profile” not “Lite” War/Pack Belt.

So many possible configurations...

So many possible configurations…