June 16, 2017

Next Level Equipment

So…   I finally pulled the trigger on some new equipment.  I am really excited to take the quality of my videos to the next level with this gear.  I have been using a GoPro Hero 4 Black and a lapel microphone this whole time.  And editing on iMovie…

Moving forward I will be using this Panasonic Lumix G7 with a 14-140mm lens.  In addition, I have a Rode VideoMicPro shotgun microphone too.  This should make shooting videos much easier and give better sound quality.  And lastly, I am going to start using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit on.

I am excited to start producing better quality videos.  Just bear with me as I work through the learning curve with all of this new gear.

Yes, there is something covering the microphone for wind, and it is called a dead cat…