October 2, 2018

M1T Raider Flashlight by Olight

While there are lots of flashlights on the market, a lot don’t have what I am looking for in a good EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlight.  The criteria for me is being easy to operate, not overly complex, and the ability to switch between a low setting and a high setting.

The Olight M1T Raider Flashlight does a pretty good job with the above criteria.  For starters, it is small and light, weighing about 2.5 ounces.  The light also has 2 settings, 5 lumens for all of the small every day tasks and 500 lumens for when you need a lot of light.  When I say lot of light, think searching for something at some distance, or with respect to EDC, perhaps identifying if someone is a threat.

While the switch technology built into the light leave something to be desired for me, it does have the makings of a pretty solid flashlight.  And due to the weight and size, it will treat you equally well in the backcountry on backpacking trips.

You can find the M1T Raider Flashlight by Olight here.

While not the strongest anodizing on a flashlight, the light does preform.