December 26, 2018

Customer Build Days with Q

As far as things go in the gun industry, Q is doing some pretty rad stuff. One of the most amazing things they are doing though, in my opinion, is their Customer Build Days. You literally get to go in and hang out at Q in New Hampshire and build your gun. And not only build it, but build it with some of the engineers that are responsible for designing elements of it. That is mind blowing for me…

So if you want a truly custom rifle and experience, go build your Honey Badger or Fix Rifle. Once you place your order, reach out to them with the order number and see when their next customer build day is. And don’t forget to bring them a 6 pack of craft beer, it is just the nice thing to do…

Find the Entire Line Up Offered by Q here.


Arcteryx Gamma MX Hoody

Tactical Distributor Carlos Ray Cargo Pants

RATS Tourniquet