September 15, 2017

Blue Force Gear VCAS Medic Sling

The VCAS (Vickers Combat Application Sling) Medic Sling is a upgraded version of the standard VCAS Sling by Blue Force Gear.  So what sets it apart?  It has a incredible amount of adjustment.

This sling utilizes 2 adjustment points, one at the front of the sling and one at the rear.  This allows the flexibility to fit the sling to you regardless of gear, keep it loose for maximum movement through structures, tighten it up to create stable shooting platforms as well as cinch your rifle down so that it won’t move.  Allowing you to securely stow your weapon, giving you both hands free for such tasks as rendering aid (Think Medic!), restraining someone, climbing, etc.

And it does all of this while maintaining a standard 2 point sling configuration.  It can be readily affixed to any sling attachment points on most any rifle.

*The Vickers Medic Sling is a Limited Edition*

When Available you can find the VCAS Medic Sling through Blue Force Gear.

2 adjustment points is literally DOUBLE the 1 adjustment point of most slings…