June 3, 2017

AmeriGlo Suppressor Sights

These Suppressor Sights by AmeriGlo are great with one caveat, that you aren’t going to use them much…  I have them mounted as Back Up sights on my Glock 17 with a Trijicon RMR.  They do a great job on that pistol.  They are inexpensive, made of steel and usable.

But I don’t care to use them, especially if they are primary sights.  Reason being is that the front blade is really thin.  While this can make for fast shots, it is more difficult to refine your sight picture due to all the space on either side.   If you are looking for Suppressor Sights for a pistol with a suppressor, no optic, I would look elsewhere.  But again, back to the point of of them being back ups, they are inexpensive, durable and usable…

I do really like the front, as well as back, being plain black.  Since I am using them in conjunction with a RMR, the last thing I want is a bright Fiber Optic or Tritium insert competing for my eyes attention.

You can find the AmeriGlo Suppressor Sights here.

I like that the sights are plain flat black. There is nothing bright and distracting that would otherwise pull my eye away from the dot in my RMR.