November 4, 2016

SureFire DG Switch

There is always that awkward moment when we have to decide, do I put down my coffee to illuminate that area of darkness with my pistol light?  Or just run on the assumption it’s clear?  Not anymore…

The SureFire DG Switch is great.  It replaces the regular tail-cap on all of the SureFire X-Series lights.  In doing so, it maintains the original functionality with the addition of a piece that hugs the bottom of your pistol’s trigger guard, placing a small ambidextrous switch right under your middle finger.  This allows for the shooter to use their middle finger on their firing hand to momentarily turn the light on and off.  Freeing up your support hand for other activities such as opening doors, punching things, sipping coffee, etc.

You can find a list of all DG Switches and the corresponding pistols they fit here at SureFire.

Go here to pick up a DG-11 for the Glock 17 / 19 (and similar sized frames)

Check out this simple Hack for the DG Switch to increase it’s durability.

Simple, ambidextrous, one handed use...

Simple, ambidextrous, one handed use…