November 3, 2018

Range, Backcountry and Video Loadouts

Gear, lots and lots of gear… I go through quite a bit of gear on Kit Badger and I often get questions on it. Even if something isn’t the focus of the video, I often have people asking about a pair of pants, watch or maybe a magazine pouch.

In the interest of making it easy for the viewer, I will do my best to link all the the clothing, gear and accessories that I use in my videos. Whether it is a gun review on the range or maybe an adventure log out in the backcountry, the gear will be listed down below. By way of example, in this video I had on:

Pew Pew Tactical T-shirt

Tactical Distributors Down Range Hooded Jacket 2.1

Tactical Distributors Carlos Rey Cargo Pants

R.A.T.S. Tourniquet

Sometimes you just need to Zen out on some still water…. (Make sure you watch through to the end of the video)