October 4, 2018

Klarus XT32 Flashlight

Sometimes you need… …All the Lumens. I’ve been using the Klarus XT32 Flashlight for awhile now. Here’s what I can tell you. It is bright and it throws a beam.  It is pretty much a hand held spotlight.

While the high output setting of 1200 lumens doesn’t seem that impressive considering other flashlights on the market, this light can really throw a beam. It really comes down to the geometry in the lens of the flashlight. It will reach out there towards 1000 meters.

I also appreciate that you can buy the XT32 Flashlight as a kit. Complete with some good 18650 rechargeable batteries and charger. Not a bad set up depending on your needs…

You can find the Klarus XT32 here.

Because sometimes I might want to shoot 300 yards at night…