November 26, 2018

Hidden Hybrid Holsters 1 Clip AIWB

While there are a number of hybrid holsters on the market, the One Clip AIWB (Appendix In the Waist Band) Holster by Hidden Hybrid Holsters is the best one I’ve used.

If you are unfamiliar with hybrid holsters, they are a mating of two materials. In this case a leather and suede backer with a kydex holster body. I really like the incorporation of the claw into this holster. It does a great job pushing the grip of the pistol back into your waistline so that the gun doesn’t print as much. Additionally, the suede backing is really comfortable.

While the suede backing is really nice, I would like to see it cover all of the hardware on the back. And a little more retention would be preferable. But after wearing the holster for a solid month or so, I am overall really pleased with it. The one clip makes it easy to take on and off and carries my Gen 5 Glock 19 comfortably all day.


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