October 5, 2017

Freedom Munitions Subsonic 9mm Showdown

Sometimes things do not go as planned.  I set out to do a comparative shoot to see which of the 3 subsonic offerings by Freedom Munitions would pair best with my Glock 17 and Liberty Mystic Suppressor combination.  As it turns out, none of the ammo did.  I tried the Freedom Munitions 147gr. Re-manufactured 9mm as well as the brand new HUSH 147gr. and the HUSH 165gr. 9mm offerings.  None of them had enough ass to cycle my pistol.

In fairness, the Mystic Suppressor is probably on the heavier side for a pistol suppressor, but it was still disappointing.  The good news is that the ammo still functions in my pistol without the suppressor, so it will still get some range time…

You can find the Freedom Munitions HUSH Ammunition here.

In fairness, the HUSH 9mm was pretty quiet, but…