August 3, 2018

ESD Sling by Edgar Sherman Design

*If you’re more into reading, see the Full Article at Guns America*

There are a ton of slings out there. And at the end of the day it is a piece of webbing with a couple attachment points and ideally a way to make adjustments. So what is special about the ESD Sling by Edgar Sherman Design? As it a turns out, a lot.

I was first introduced to the ESD Sling while reading a article over at Jerking The Trigger.  And, as I mentioned above, I was skeptic. But Matt over at JTT is pretty switched on, so after a short conversation with him I put in an order for a ESD Sling.

Suffice to say, I’ve been really happy with it. It is by far the smoothest sling I have ever used. It moves freely in either direction with very little resistance. But at the same time, locks up tight when you aren’t manipulating the adjustment piece.

The adjustment is smooth and easy to use. And additionally the 550 cord attachment allows for use on pretty much any weapon system.

And randomly one of my favorite parts of it? While you can get sewn in QDs, I love the 550 cord attachment method. I’ve used the Proctor Sling in the past, which I liked for how low profile it was, but I hated dealing with the 550 cord loops on it. They were invariably too long and a pain to attach. Conversely with the ESD Sling, you can cut the 550 cord to whatever length you want, tie it off wherever you want and then tuck the knot back inside the sling for a nice clean look. And if the 550 cord ever becomes damaged or you want to move the sling, you just cut it and replace it.

One of the other little hidden gems in this sling is the elastic band which serves two purposes. One, to make sure the webbing is laying flat and not getting tangled during adjustment. And two, it allows for the storage of the sling while not deployed. Brilliant.

Having used this sling, I’m going to be a hard sell on slings moving forward I think…

You can find the ESD Sling here.

The ESD Sling shown in it’s storage configuration. Nice, clean, compact and ready to deploy.