March 23, 2018

DMOS Stealth Shovel

If you take your vehicle off the pavement, 4wd or not, you will eventually get stuck. Going off road leads to this. So it is best to prepare for that eventuality.

I carried a military issue E-Tool (entrenching tool) in my vehicle for just such occasions. Did it work? Yes. Did it work well, hell no. While it was small and collapsible, it was in fact small to work with and usually collapsed when you were trying to work with it.

At the 2018 SHOT Show I ran into DMOS and ultimately ended up with their Jackson Hole Stealth Shovel. This thing is amazing. Light weight, strong and big. Making otherwise tough jobs easier. Definitely worth having in the back of the vehicle when you venture down less traveled paths.

You can find the DMOS Stealth Shovel here.

You can see my follow up Testimonial to the DMOS Stealth Shovel here.

I did not set out to get stuck. But this shovel definitely made the difference in me getting UN-stuck…