January 7, 2019

Clearing Double Feeds with the A-DAC Lower Receiver by Radian Weapons

I was just out on the range working malfunctions, doing some science… And by science, I mean running a shot timer. It is really easy to tell ourselves that that repetition “felt” fast, but the shot timer won’t lie.

What was I testing? I was trying to see what kind of time savings I could get clearing a double feed, between a standard AR-15 lower receiver versus an A-DAC Lower Receiver (Radian Model 1 in this case).

If you are unfamiliar, the A-DAC (Ambidextrous Dual Action Control) Lower Receiver has… ….ambidextrous controls. More to the point though, it has some really cool engineering that allows the magazine release to double as a bolt catch. This creates significant time savings when it comes to clearing a double feed…


Prometheus Design Werx A.G. Watch Cap

PDW DA Hoodie v2

While this was my fastest time with a stock AR, it couldn’t compete to my A-DAC times.