January 6, 2018

Arcteryx Mantis 26L Backpack

There are a plethora of backpacks on the market. So many brands, sizes and designs to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Having purchased this pack almost a decade ago, I still couldn’t be happier with the investment.

My Mantis 26L Pack by Arcteryx has continued to preform for me over the years. It has become my go to back pack for airline travel or even across town or road trips. It has enough space for me to take all of my vital necessities should I get stranded somewhere along the way.

Whether you need something for around town, or across the world, the Arcteryx Mantis Backpack is a solid choice.

You can go here to find the Arcteryx 26L Mantis Pack.

While you can rock this on the trails, for me it has become a solid performer in airports.