April 30, 2018

April 2018 Winner

Another month, another giveaway. This April I’ve found the winner of a pretty rad SureFire DG-11 switch. I previously did a video review on them. They ultimately enhance the SureFire X300 series of weapon lights so that you can manipulate them one handed.

If they have a fatal flaw though, it is in the shielding on the switch. It can get cut and worn by holsters. So I made a little video on the DG Switch Hack. At any rate, this one is off to it’s new home to get some use.

If you didn’t win this one, but want to pick one up, you can go here for the SureFire DG-11.

By following the contour of the trigger guard, the DG-11 keeps a low profile while allowing for one handed manipulation of your SureFire X300.