May 26, 2018

Viking Tactics Testimonial

Straight up, I’m impressed with Kyle Lamb and Chili Palmer from Viking Tactics. When it comes to instructors / teachers, they not only offer a perfect combination of being incredibly good at their craft, but they also are capable of breaking down concepts and making them consumable. There are some great shooters out there. But just because someone has knowledge and can preform, doesn’t mean they can effectively transfer that knowledge to someone else. Those two can.

Arguably even more impressive, is the fact that they are and continue to be life long students. Continually seeking out new ways of accomplishing things, measuring those new techniques against years of experience, proving them out and then adding them to the box or discarding them. But always hungry and looking for more.

My time and money was very well spent at the NightFighter 101 Course.  If you have the opportunity to get some training with VTAC, I encourage you to do it. The level of instruction you will get is top notch.

Come ready to learn a lot in a Viking Tactics course.