August 4, 2018

SureFire SOCOM300 SPS (on TFBTV)

Today I take a look at the SureFire SOCOM 300 SPS Suppressor. Arguably SureFire’s quietest 30 Caliber Suppressor. While designed around the 300 Blackout Cartridge, and full auto rated down to a 5.5″ barrel, it can serve on various weapon platforms. Whether it is 5.5″ Sig Rattler or a 20″ 300 Win Mag bolt gun, this suppressor will preform. Check out some of the nuances with this 300 SPS suppressor versus the SureFire SOCOM 762 RC2. Check out the full video over at TFB TV (The Firearms Blog).

I had the opportunity to run a Hodge Defense upper, pretty cool…