November 5, 2018

Rock Lake Rifle Range

While there are some pretty cool range facilities around the country, I am fortunate to have an amazing one fairly close, Rock Lake Rifle Range. If you want to work on most any shooting discipline, this range is probably the place.

If long range is your game, Rock Lake has you covered. They have a huge array of steel targets stretching all the way out to over 1,700 yards. All sizes and shapes of steel as well. Additionally they have a large covered shooting bay and shooting tower. Not to mention all of the different PRS (Precision Rifle Series) type structures to shoot off of.

You’ll also find lots of steel to work your short game. Numerous bays set up with steel for pistol work. To include a series of different sized shooting bays which are all connected. Allowing the shooter to navigate corners.

Suffice to say, it is an amazing range facility. If you aren’t local to the North Eastern Washington area, think about coming out to take a class. They host a number of classes, do include some put on by Sawtooth Rifles. They host PRS matches as well.

Go here to find out more information and become a Member.

Under magnification you’ll fine the entire area dotted with steel targets.