September 14, 2018

Q’s 7.62 Silencer Rundown

Looking at Q’s Silencer lineup can be daunting. WTF is a Thunder Chicken?! Well, it is actually pretty straight forward once you wrap your head around it. 4 different 7.62 NATO silencers, rated full auto, in 2 different lengths and configurations.

Q offers direct thread silencers as well as fast attach silencers that thread onto their Cherry Bomb muzzle brake. In addition to this, they have 2 different lengths. Trading sound reduction for weight and length.

While they are .308 Win silencers, they are rated for 300 Blackout on up to 300 WM.

The technology and production process of them is pretty damn cool. From the way the 100% titanium silencers are welded, to the way their bores are Wire EDM’d (Electro Discharge Machine).

Take a look at their silencers, they may have what you are looking for.

Full disclosure, Q introduced me to the magic of tapers…

Honey Badger and Trash Panda. What a cute little combo…