June 15, 2018

Podavach Fury Magazine Loader

Loading up magazines to go shoot at the range isn’t usually the most fun part of training. But you can’t really get away from it. You need ammo to feed your rifle.  The Podavach Fury, and now Podavach U-LOADER (Universal Magazine Loader), make the process easier. It is a 2 piece design using CNC cut plywood that helps you rapidly load your AR-15/M4 pattern and AK-47 pattern magazines.  I’ve had good success with Magpul, Tango Down, Lancer, USGI and ASC magazines.

While it is a relatively large footprint, it is fast to load magazines.

You fill the top section with loose rounds, orient them correctly and slide them into the lower section until it is full. Then you place your empty magazine at one end and slide the feeder, pushing all those rounds into the magazine.  It’s pretty quick with respect to loading magazines. Durability is something I question being made of plywood, but time will tell.

You can find the Podavach Fury / U-LOADER here as well as Here through Amazon.

While this is the older model and doesn’t expressly state it, it will in fact work with 300 Blackout.