May 11, 2018

ODIN Works MLOK Light Mount

While there are lots of tactical flashlights on the market, there are also lots of light mounts. More and more we have seen companies try and create smaller and lighter mounts. Helping to get your light closer to the rail so it doesn’t create a snag hazard or get obstructed when shooting around / through obstacles.

The Direct MLOK 1″ Flashlight Mount by ODIN Works does a pretty solid job. It mounts up directly to your MLOK rail, alleviating unnecessary picatinny sections, and holds the light securely inline with your handguard. I’m pretty pleased with it.

You can go here to find the ODIN Works KMod FLM 1″ Flashlight Mount.

As you can see, this light mount keeps the light very tight against the rail.