June 11, 2018

NoiseRider S1 Hearing Protection

There are a number of different options for electronic hearing protection on the market these days.  Some of them are incredibly expensive with options to tie into radio communication sets.  For the average shooter, this may be overkill.  But there are a lot of benefits to electronic hearing protection.

I especially like having new shooters wear electronic ear pro to the range.  This allows them to hear range commands easily but at the same time preserve their hearing.  This happens by the electronic ear muffs cutting off the amplification when a noise impulse breaks a certain threshold.

So to that end, I’ve been using the NoiseRider S1 Electronic Ear Muff for the last couple months.  I will say they are much more comfortable out of the box than my Howard Leight Impact Sport and come with a nice carrying case.  This keeps them from getting beat up and dirty while kicking around in your range bag.

On the down side, I find the lack of a windscreen over the microphones to be a detriment.  As well as the switch that turns them on and off.  I find it gets accidentally turned on leading to dead batteries.  And lastly, the delay when they cut off loud impulse noise is pretty noticeable.

You can find the Noise Rider S1 Electronic Ear Pro here.

The case that the S1s come with does a good job of keeping the NoiseRiders from getting beat up in your range bag.