September 26, 2018

Henry Holsters AIWB Holster

Holsters! There are a ton on the market these days. So what makes the Henry Holsters AIWB (Appendix In the Waist Band) Holster special? Largely how they are made. Rather than starting with a pistol or blue gun, Henry Holsters actually machines out molds for their holster.

By doing this they can create much more precise and smoother holster. From the friction lock, all the way to how the holster interacts with your body, they do a great job. If you are looking for a good concealable AIWB Holster, check out the offerings by Henry Holster.

The large smooth section on the inner side of the holster is not only comfortable, but does a great job pushing the butt of the pistol in closer to your mid-section. Creating a more concealable package.