June 4, 2018

Ghost Edge Complete Trigger Kit

There are tons of aftermarket parts for the Glock. With lots to choose from, whether we are talking about barrels, triggers or anything else. In the Glock game, Ghost Inc. has been around for awhile.  So I ended up picking up one of their Ghost Edge Complete Trigger Kits for my Glock 17. After putting out a video on how to install the kit, I ran it for a matter of months.

Thoughts? Unimpressed…  While it absolutely lightened the trigger pull, it was a light jittery pull.

Additionally, the firing pin springs are ridiculous. The lighter “competition” spring gave me lots and lots of light strikes. The bigger issue though, was that they aren’t clearly marked. Not a dab of paint / ink or anything. This makes it very easy to confuse the two.  I have however, in the past, had good experiences with the Ghost Inc. Glock Disconnectors.

You can find the Ghost Inc. Edge Complete Trigger Kit here.

The “Competition” Firing Pin Spring turned out to be a great way to practice malfunctions… …due to all of the light strikes.