September 24, 2018

Functional Pistol Application 1 by Runenation

While rifle skills seem to deteriorate at a much slower rate, pistol skills are quite perishable for me. There is always something I can learn and refine with respect to efficiently running a pistol. Continually honing that balance of speed and accuracy.

To that end, I was grateful for the opportunity to take the Functional Pistol Application 1 Course by Runenation. Ian is a great teacher. Really passionate about passing on good information to his students as well as being able to read them. Giving individual students little pieces of tailored knowledge that they can in turn work on to improve their skills.

If you have the opportunity, check out the Functional Pistol Application 1 or one of the other offerings by Runenation.

There was a solid group of guys at this course. And since everyone had a good foundation, we were able to move pretty quick into some more advanced stuff.

A special thanks to Edgar Sherman for some awesome photos. And he happens to be a great shooter too…