November 15, 2018

Emissary Gun Belt V2

What is a gun belt? On its face it seems pretty simple right? Something to hold up the pants and a “gun”. While this is true, not all gun belts are created equal.

Some belt companies love to tell you how stiff and rigid they are. Is this important, yes, but not often the way you think it is. The stiffness is important on the vertical plane of the belt. That is what actually keeps your pistol from rolling with a cheap soft “pants” belt.

The Emissary Gun Belt V2, by Alonso Defense Group, is a great blending of materials and stiffness. It doesn’t “look” like a gun belt and can be worn with most any type of clothing. Additionally it has all the stiffness it needs to support your pistol and associated items, such as magazines or other gear.


Emissary Gun Belt V2

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All day comfort for carrying a pistol and associated gear. Or just holding your pants up.