November 18, 2016

Director Tactical RX

For some of us, corrective lenses is a reality.  Fortunately, Smith Optics, offers some of their Elite Tactical line in RX.  One of their offerings is the Director model.  These do a great job for me in not only their comfort and field of view, but also their exceedingly high level of ballistic protection.  From driving around Kabul, to at the range here at home, or just running around on adventures, the Directors continue to preform.  They offer them in a variety of lens choices as well.

Go here to find the Director Tactical Glasses.

If you need RX lenses, go directly through Smith Optics.

Tough-ass lenses, in case someone throws a throwing star at your eye...

Tough-ass lenses, in case someone chucks a throwing star at your eye…