May 30, 2018

BaoFeng F8HP Radio for the Backcountry

The BaoFeng BF-F8HP 2-Way Radio is one of the gateways for people into the HAM Radio (Amateur Radio) world.  I have no desire to get my HAM license, so how is this thing useful for me?  Ultimately, I think it is a pretty awesome emergency radio for backcountry adventures.

While there are more and more devices that can help get you out of a bind if something catasrophic happens out in the mountains, a lot of them are still cost prohibitive.  Additionally, many of them are fairly limited in their use.  For example they will send a distress signal, or a brief pre-programmed message.  The BaoFeng Radio has a lot more going for it.

First off, the BF-F8HP is a 2-Way radio.  Meaning you can transmit as well as receive.  It also has a pretty substantial 8-Watt output, which is a step up from the BaoFeng UV-5R, a earlier model.  Couple that with 128 programable UHF and VHF channels, the ability to receive FM radio stations, built in flashlight, scanning function…  There is a lot going for it.  I even find it valuable for no other reason that to use it as a weather radio.

You can find the BaoFeng F8HP Radio here.

Almost like a get out of jail free card. If “jail” in the mountains is a bad situation. But then you may still end up going to a real jail…