September 30, 2018

10k Thank You and Giveaway

It has, and continues to be, an amazing journey…

Whether you have subscribed to my channel, shared a video, bought some of my KBATs (Kit Badger Anatomy Targets), supported me through Patreon, or just given me encouragement.  Thank you.  Thank all of you that have helped me along the way.  You guys are incredible.

In an effort to show my appreciation, and with the help of Pew Pew Tactical, I have a awesome giveaway for you.  I’ll be giving away 2 Pistol Cases by Pew Pew Tactical, a Strike Switch Rifle Selector by Strike Industries, and for the grand prize…    …a Faxon 16″ Mid-Length 5.56mm Gunner Profile Barrel. (If you are unfamiliar with them, Pew Pew Tactical has a great article on the Gunner Profile by Faxon)

How do you get entered to win?  Just leave a comment on this video on YouTube, telling me the first video of mine you remember seeing, and your favorite video I’ve done (I’m always curious what resonates with people).  And that is it!  On October 10th I will randomly draw the winners and get some lucky people their prizes.

Again, thank you all!

Some of you have helped far beyond what you will likely ever know… I am grateful.