May 16, 2018

The Hot Dog Hike

What the hell is a Hot Dog Hike?  It is ultimately a fun way to impart skills.  A way to get people that aren’t familiar or competent in outdoor skills, in this case fire starting, a chance to work on that skillset in a engaging way.

You just need some hot dogs, some method of starting a fire and a sense of adventure.  Depending on where you and your groups’ skills are, if this sounds too easy, kick it up a notch, try going for one in the rain.

You can obviously use any type of fire starter.  The lower the skill level, the easier the method.  Start with a Bic lighter if you want, or use some sparkers like the PolySTRIKER XL by Exotac or the Swedish FireSteel 2.0.  Or if you want a real challenge, go make a friction fire.

#FACT – Hot Dogs cook faster if you are wearing sunglasses…