January 15, 2019

The Grey Man, Velcro & Morale Patches

While I can appreciate the “Grey Man” concept, I think the practical application of it is incredibly narrow in scope. Largely I see it pertaining to people in under cover roles, possibly in foreign countries, where the stakes are high. This is not the case when you sit down for a meal at Waffle House. Sorry bro.

More to the point though, people hassle people about standing out with their velcro fields, morale patches or PALS webbing on their backpack. Don’t worry about anyone talking down to you based on you wearing this, because they will do it anyway, regardless of how much you conform. Those people are insecure.

Guys, there is no gate keeper. You do you.


Prometheus Design Werx A.G. Watch Cap

PDW DA Hoody V2

PDW Raider Field Pants GC 2.0

Lems Trailhead Shoes

RATS Tourniquet