May 15, 2017

Plate Placement for Body Armor

The first time I ever got issued Hard Plates for my body armor, I was in the Marine Corps, back on the flight deck in 2001 in the Arabian Sea…  Looking back at my time in the service, with a Police Department, as well as security contracting overseas, I’ve seen a lot of people wearing body armor incorrectly.  This includes myself for a number of years.  It wasn’t something I learned for some time and frankly, I eventually stumbled upon it.

The plates in a plate carrier are designed to keep you in the fight.  To that end, it is imperative to keep the lungs pumping and heart beating.  If those two things are uninterrupted, the body can take one hell of a beating and keep going.  So, lets protect those vitals, the correct way…

If you are into reading, here is the Original Article I found on the subject some years ago.

Your hard plates should cover that stuff up…