December 5, 2016

Inserting an IV Catheter

You know what is cool?  Having people come save you when you need it.  But systems of support aren’t always there.  So do you know what is even cooler?  Being in a position to save yourself or others…

Pushing fluids and drugs through an IV Catheter is often crucial in life threatening situations.  In this video my life long buddy, Seth, will show you how to properly start an Intravenous Catheter.  As a Emergency Room RN at a Level 2 Trauma Center, he’s done it a few times…

Whether you are shooting on the range, on a overland expedition, working  overseas, or driving down the highway…  Help is rarely there when you need it.  Be that help.  Skills – Get Them.

Seth and I did a follow up video on the Why and When.

And here is my 1st attempt at starting an IV.

You can find IV Kits here from Chinook Medical Gear and North American Rescue.

For individual components, go here for IV Catheters, Start Kit, Saline Lock Extension, and Gloves.

*Standard Life Rules Apply: If you’re stupid, you’ll hurt yourself*

Full disclosure, I hate needles... But dying sucks more.

Full disclosure, I hate needles… But dying sucks more.